LA Times doubles-down on snarky former Bush aides

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If you've enjoyed the relentless anti-Biden snark from former Laura Bush press secretary and current Los Angeles Times blogger Andrew Malcolm, you're in luck. Malcolm was recently joined at the Times' "Top of the Ticket" blog by former Bush White House spokesman Jimmy Orr. And right off the bat, Orr referred to "Joe Effing Biden" and called Biden "the crazy uncle of the White House" and "Uncle Fester with hair (kinda)."

Orr has also adopted Malcolm's sneering tone towards President Obama, dismissively referring to him as "the ex-state senator."

And he has embraced Malcolm's penchant for creatively interpreting poll results, writing: "In fact, recent polls paint a portrait of tea party supporters as your neighbors." That's true, as long as "your neighbors" are conservative rich white male Republicans who like George W. Bush. Oh, and as long as you live in Idaho or Wyoming.

This isn't the first time Malcolm and Orr have joined forces: Last year, when Orr was working for the Christian Science Monitor, the two former Bush aides teamed up to invent a bogus Biden "gaffe."

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