Kuhner: "Obamaism" is "liberal fascism,"; tea party "attacks" are "the wild and furious blows of a corrupt, sclerotic liberal regime"


From Jeffrey Kuhner's April 23 Washington Times column:

The Democrats and their media allies have sought to discredit and delegitimize the surging Tea Party movement.

They have tried to portray it as a group of malcontent racists, extremists, homophobes, white supremacists and old people secretly nostalgic for the days of Jim Crow. This failed. Hence, the new line of attack is to suggest that tea partiers are Timothy McVeigh sympathizers: gun-rights nuts and anti-government jihadists plotting to violently overthrow the Obama administration. The race card has been replaced by the violence card.

The attacks on Tea Partiers are a sign of desperation. They are the wild and furious blows of a corrupt, sclerotic liberal regime tottering on the verge of collapse. Mr. Obama's radical socialist agenda has become deeply unpopular. A majority of Americans believe his statist policies have failed.

Yet Obamaism is more than an attempt to impose big-government liberalism on an unwilling populace. It is a form of liberal fascism that threatens to permanently sever America from its traditional, constitutionalist roots.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, fascism and Marxism are not ideological opposites; rather, they are evil political twins, each representing a variant of socialism. Instead of championing the international proletariat and working- class revolution, fascism emphasizes the primacy of economic collectivism and race. It is anti-capitalist and anti-Semitic. It embraces racial-identity politics and the corporatist state. It is based on perpetual revolution, singling out an entire class of society as primitive reactionaries that stand in the way of national progress and social modernization.

The Washington Times
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