Newsmax sponsor urges readers with type 2 diabetes to "[s]top taking insulin"

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On April 22, Newsmax sent the following email to its list:

Diabetes email

Links in the email forward to the website of "Julian Whitaker, MD," which promotes his book "The Truth About Diabetes & How to Reverse It NOW!" Whitaker states that "medication is NOT the answer for type 2 diabetes," instead urging the use of "natural ways to stop the blood sugar assault on your body," including:

  • Relieve nerve pain and tingling with a supplement from wild-flowers-it may even repair the nerve damage caused by diabetes.
  • Stop advanced liver disease with a "triple nutrient cocktail" that regenerates liver cells.
  • Dissolve cataracts with a unique natural eye drop-the secret is one unusual ingredient.
  • Prevent amputation and restore sensation with infrared light. Light also improves balance and reduces falls by 96 percent.
  • Heal eye disease with a powerful antioxidant that protects the tiny blood vessels and capillaries in your eyes.
  • Slash your risk of diabetes in half by filling your plate with this "bean."
  • Soak up excess carbohydrates in blood sugar with an unusually powerful fiber supplement.
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