The reviews are in! S.E. Cupp's Losing Our Religion "skips the facts in arguing against evolution"

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Next week, right-wing commentator S.E. Cupp's new book, Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media's Attack on Christianity (Threshold Editions - April 2010), will be released complete with a foreword by Fox News host Mike Huckabee.

The Washington Post asked the National Center for Science Education's Joshua Rosenau "to weigh in on Cupp's scholarship" on the issue of evolution. Given Cupp's track record of misinformation on a variety of issues, it isn't surprising that Rosenau had plenty to take issue with on the subject. The highlights:

S.E. Cupp's handling of science and religion misrepresents the nature of evolution, obscures the science of biology, and dismisses the deeply-held religious views of most Christians outside of the fundamentalist subculture. This is the sort of misrepresentation which leads her to concoct an anti-Christian conspiracy on the part of reporters, and - bizarrely - to say that Darwin is "quite literally the Anti Christ" for liberals.


Cupp presents evolution -- and science more generally -- as the enemy of religion. Reporters' "propping up of science," she writes, is an "attack on Christianity." If anything, it is Cupp's approach which insults Christians. Research detailed in Elaine Ecklund's forthcoming "Science vs. Religion," shows that many scientists are religious themselves and do not generally regard science and religion as enemies.


On top of misrepresenting the nature of science and the nature of religion, Cupp's coverage does violence not just to the science of evolution, but to the public's expectations of science journalists and science teachers. She misreports recent history and legal proceedings. She twists math itself to claim that 44 percent is "not a minority."

She concludes by complaining that "the liberal media is not interested in acknowledging our nation as a deeply religious one," and repeats her claim that evolution is a weapon used to attack Christians.


Whether our nation is or isn't "deeply religious" does not change what science is or how it works, and does not change the century and a half of meticulous research which has convinced scientists that evolution is essential to biology and biology education.

And that my friends, is a review of just one chapter.

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