Daily Show's Stewart to Fox's Goldberg: "You're criticizing me for not living up to your tag-line"

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Last week we noted that Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central's Daily Show, had taken on Fox News' hypocrisy over "stereotyping" groups and that the conservative network's media analyst Bernie Goldberg pleaded guilty on the O'Reilly Factor to Stewart's criticism before turning around and attacking the late-night host.

Well, last night Stewart shot back at Goldberg in a lengthy segment. Said Stewart:

You're criticizing me for not living up to your tag-line. And you dismiss any criticism as further evidence of how the rest of the media persecute you. You like to pretend -- Bernie Goldberg at Fox News -- that the relentless conservative activism of Fox News is the equivalent of the disorganized liberal influence you find at NBC, ABC, and CBS. But Fox News, you may be able to detect a liberal pathogen in their bloodstream -- however faint -- but Fox News is such a crazy overreaction to that perceived threat. You're like an autoimmune disorder. I'm not saying the virus doesn't exist at some small quantity but you're producing way too many antibodies. Fox News, you're the Lupus of news.

I guess the folks at Fox News are a little sensative when it comes to Stewart. After all, the network's attempt at an intentionally funny news parody show flopped and Stewart has been running circles around the outlet for years when it comes to thoughtful, and yes, satirical media criticism.


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