LVJR publisher Frederick's readers shred his attacks on Media Matters Action Network

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Last month, Las Vegas Review-Journal publisher Sherman Frederick responded to criticism from Media Matters in part by writing:

The good news is that Media Matters doesn't mean much when it comes to actual readers. They've posted their bile for several days and only garnered five comments. Five comments? Hell, I can get five comments by posting a blog that says "the sky is blue."

We responded by noting that Media Matters ranked far higher in traffic than the website of the Las Vegas Review-Journal in the "several days" after the item was published. But since Frederick apparently thinks reader comments are extremely important, it seems worth pointing out how his readers have utterly savaged his latest attack on our partner organization, Media Matters Action Network.

Yesterday, Frederick responded to an email MMAN sent to the Nevada media detailing falsehoods in ads run in the state by a Wall Street front group by writing:

It doesn't get much plainer than this e-mail to know that Media Matters is no objective third party trying to correct the facts of public discourse, as they would like people to believe.

Media Matters is a left-wing political group attempting to convey a point of view in the public discourse. They want people to think they are an arbiter of some sort, but they are not. They are a player.

I think that makes them an intellectually criminal outfit. Little more than a "non-profit" arm of the Obama government. A wolf in sheep's clothing.

Frederick's own readers quickly pounced, taking apart his argument. Below are all four comments posted in response to his blog as of publication:

Frederick comments

Sherman Frederick
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