Daily Show's Stewart vs. CNBC's Cramer Round 2?

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Just over a year ago, CNBC's Jim Cramer found himself in hot water with Jon Stewart. The host of Comedy Central's Daily Show was relentless, running segments targeting the high-strung CNBC host, the most notable of which was titled "In Cramer We Trust" and addressed Cramer's pushing of Bear Stearns just days and weeks before it collapsed:

In the days that followed, Cramer would take to CNBC sister networks for defense from Stewart, prompting this response from the comedian:

The whole ordeal led to Cramer appearing on Stewart's show for an extensive interview where the money talker made a "deal" to "start getting back to the fundamentals of reporting." Cramer also agreed with Stewart that he was a "snake oil" salesman.

Ultimately, Cramer walked back much of the ground he conceded in the interview later calling Stewart's criticism of CNBC "naïve and misleading."

Well, Cramer has landed himself back on the Daily Show, this time for his comments surrounding Goldman Sachs before news broke of the SEC charging the bank with fraud:

Now that Stewart and Stephen Colbert (host of the Colbert Report) have extended their contracts with Comedy Central through 2012, Cramer has some time to live up to his previous commitment to get "back to the fundamentals of reporting." Otherwise, this latest Daily Show segment is only the latest in what will surely be a lot more to come.

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