Signs from today's "Online Tax Revolt" Tea Party in DC: Marxist, treason, "Pull the plug on Obama"

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Attending the "Online Tax Revolt" Tea Party today at Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC for Media Matters, I saw several posters and signs that echoed the falsehoods, smears and extreme rhetoric launched against the Obama administration and Democratic Congress by many in the conservative media. Here is a selection of them:

"Pull the plug on Obama." The death panels falsehood, which earned PolitiFact's "Lie of the Year" award:

death panel

kill us

Claims that President Obama is pushing Marxist policies, which are quite a favorite of Fox News' Glenn Beck:

Marxist policies

Claims that governmental policies are rape:


Other signs included one apparently "paid for by the Republican National Committee," an assertion that non-Fox outlets = Pravda, violent rhetoric directed toward Democrats, and claims that Democrats should be impeached for treason:



tar feather
knife liberty

media is pravda

eric holder traitor

conspiracy theories

Tea Party
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