Fox Newsers participating in more than a dozen tea party events

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Despite News Corp. Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch's recent statement that he didn't think Fox News "should be supporting the Tea Party," Fox News hosts and contributors are participating in more than a dozen tea party events this week. The Fox Newsers are giving speeches, partnering with tea party planners, and in the case of Sean Hannity, taping a show that financially benefits a local tea party.

The following is a list of Fox News contributors and hosts who have appeared or are scheduled to appear at various tea party events this week:

  • Host Sean Hannity: Cincinnati, OH event on April 15. Those wishing to be a "part of the [Fox News] studio audience" have to pay $5 -- $100 to the Cincinnati Tea Party. Hannity has repeatedly promoted the event on his show.
  • Contributor Jonah Goldberg: Cincinnati, OH event (with Hannity) on April 15.
  • Contributor Dick Morris: Three tea party events in Arkansas on April 15.
  • Fox Business contributor Charles Payne: Richmond event on April 15. Fox Business has promoted Payne's appearance at the event.
  • Contributor Newt Gingrich: Austin, TX event on April 15.
  • Contributor Rick Santorum: Southwest PA Tea Party event on April 17.
  • Contributor and host Sarah Palin: Boston, MA event on April 14. Fox News promoted Palin's appearance at the event.
  • Contributor Sandy Rios: Naperville, IL event on April 15.
  • Contributor Tucker Carlson: Washington, D.C. event on April 15.
  • Contributor Mike Gallagher. Grand Prairie, TX event on April 15.

Additionally, host Mike Huckabee is a "Team Leader" for the Americans for Fair Taxation's Online Tax Revolt march. Huckabee promoted the march on the April 3 edition of his program. Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin is a partner with Tea Party Patriots, which describes itself as the "Official Headquarters for Tax Day Tea Party 2010."

Host and Fox Business Vice President Neil Cavuto will broadcast his Fox News and Fox Business shows from the Atlanta Tea Party. Cavuto has defended his "cover[age]" of the event by stating that tea partiers are "our viewers. Our customers." Tea Party Patriots has used Cavuto's April 15 broadcast to promote and bring attendees to its events.

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