Beck's "Plan", Day 3: Federal salaries, Department Of Education

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This week on his Fox News program, Glenn Beck is laying out "The Plan," a series of proposals he has developed with the assistance of conservative think tanks for "slashing the budget," which he claims is necessary for the United States "to survive."

Today's proposals were:

  • Beck argued that federal employees shouldn't be getting "better" benefits and "better" salaries than private sector employees. He proposed paying federal employees "what they would pay on the outside world," stating that this would save the government $44.5 billion in salaries and $60 billion in benefits. Beck also stated that the President shouldn't be paid $400,000 a year since "we know he's ... going to get filthy rich fourteen seconds after he walks out of office". Beck took it a step further, asking "why are we paying these people anything?"
  • Explaining that "money corrupts", Beck pushed to "abolish the Department of Education." As previously noted, the department accounts for only two percent of federal spending. According to Beck, eliminating the Department of Education, together with his proposal to slash the salaries and benefits of federal workers, would save the government $200 billion annually.

On his next show, Beck promises to "take on" the Department of Defense's budget.

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