Have you seen the latest anti-Obama billboards? If not, Fox News is here to help

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Today on his Fox News show, Neil Cavuto kicked off a segment by asking his viewers if they have seen a recent rash of anti-Obama billboards in Atlanta. Cavuto pointed out that the group behind the billboards is "trying to raise money to take them nationwide" - which is where Fox News comes in.

During the segment, Cavuto hosted Tommy Newberry, spokesman for Billboards Against Obama, to discuss how he and his partners would, in Newberry's words, use "their free market skills to help slow the slide into socialism."

Throughout the segment, Fox repeatedly flashed the URL of Newberry's website and displayed several examples of the anti-Obama billboards. As Cavuto helpfully explained, "[p]eople get to the site and they can make a donation. Because some of these billboards, they don't come cheap."

If you visit Newberry's website, you are greeted with several examples of anti-Obama billboards -- which you may recognize from the Cavuto segment -- a paypal link for donations, and this introductory text:

Do you love freedom? Do you love independence? Do you value the opportunity in the United States to work hard, take risks, and succeed? If the current administration completes the process they are racing to achieve, all of this will be gone! To stop the madness, we must speak out now. BILLBOARDS AGAINST OBAMA is a practical and effective way to join the battle, be seen, be heard, before it's too late!

Isn't it ironic...letting capitalism fight socialism!

Newberry mentioned that their campaign has been more successful than they could have hoped so far, but "in the last three days" they have been getting almost a donation a minute. One possible explanation for the uptick in attention? Fox Nation promoted the anti-Obama billboards last week.

And in a nice bit of "we're not even trying to be a news organization any more" synergy, Cavuto seamlessly transitioned from promoting the anti-Obama billboards into hyping his upcoming Tax Day Tea Party:

Based on their recent history of promoting anti-Obama billboards, we should probably expect to see Newberry on Fox & Friends in the next day or two.

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