Hannity exempts himself from facts, repeats myth debunked by Republican senator on Hannity

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On the March 24 edition of Hannity, Sean Hannity proved that even when corrected on an issue by a fellow conservative, he'll plow ahead no matter what the facts are. Hannity was discussing the new health care law with Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) and repeated the false claim that congress was exempt from the health exchanges in the bill. Sen. DeMint quickly corrected him:

That did not deter the intrepid Mr. Hannity, as minutes later he expressed his shock about the (nonexistent) exemptions in the law. Amazingly, Hannity referenced the very conversation in which Sen. DeMint had corrected his misinformation!

Once more, into the breach Hannity went a few minutes later, this time arguing with Juan Williams about the mythical exemptions in the bill. Echoing Sen. DeMint, Williams debunked Hannity, but these facts were mere playthings for Hannity to swat aside.

Hannity demonstrated once again that he wasn't going to let anything like the actual facts or multiple debunkings get in the way of putting some misinformation out there. But then, that's what Fox News has been doing all along.

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