Why isn't Bill O'Reilly fuming over Glenn Beck's 'War on Easter'?

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

For somebody who has spent the last several Christmas seasons waging a vigilante war against secularists and their devious plan to strip American culture of Christianity at Christmas (aka the War on Christmas), why hasn't Fox News' O'Reilly been raging against Beck's unsightly smear campaign against "social justice" during this year's holy season of Lent?

Of course, I use the 'War on Easter' phrase in the headline facetiously, since Beck isn't specifically waging war on Easter Sunday. Then again, liberal's haven't been crusading against Christmas, but that hasn't stop Fox News from manufacturing the claim each yuletide season.

That said, you'd think O'Reilly would at least raise his voice to object to Beck's bizarre attack on Christianity and what appears to be his mini-crusade against Catholicism, the religion most closely aligned with the teachings of "social justice." (Beck claims it's a code phrase for Nazism and communism, don'tcha know.)

Yet for more than a week O'Reilly sat on his hands, not bothering to say boo, while Beck's swung wildly, and irresponsibly, urging parishioners to leave their church during the Easter season. What could possibly be more inappropriate and offensive to Fox News' church-going viewers?

Question: Is it because O'Reilly is so cowed by Beck's ratings prowess that he won't raise loud objections?

Finally last night, O'Reilly had Beck on as a guest and gently raised the issue of Beck's crusade against Catholics.

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