Mormon scholar: "Glenn Beck doesn't speak for the Mormons I know"


From mormon scholar Joanna Brooks' March 19 post on The Huffington Post titled, "'Bringing the Hammer Down': Glenn Beck Doesn't Speak For The Mormons I Know":

Glenn Beck is a Mormon. So am I. During the nineteenth century, my Mormon ancestors crossed the plains to live their faith without fear of attack from the mobs that had hounded them out of Missouri and Illinois.

Watching Glenn Beck threaten to "bring the hammer down" on another person of faith makes my stomach turn.

I could cite a host of scriptures from the Bible and the Book of Mormon about how Beck's attack on Jim Wallis is not in keeping with faith-based values.

Suffice it to say, Glenn Beck does not speak for the Mormons I know.


Most Mormons I know have quite a bit in common with Reverend Jim Wallis, who has dedicated a life and a career to the service of others.

By contrast, Glenn Beck has devoted his life and career to expanding the media footprint of Glenn Beck.

He's done whatever it's taken: from cavorting with chimpanzees as a "morning zoo" shock jock to threatening to "bring the hammer down" on people of good will like Jim Wallis.

Who knows what kind of ugliness Glenn Beck will trot out when he "brings the hammer down" on Jim Wallis next week. As a Mormon woman, I agree with my Presbyterian friend in Atlanta: Beck has gone too far.


Wallis says "Mormon leaders have called me today to apologize and to say they're embarrassed by" Beck's social justice comments

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