Fox Business' Happy Hour airs its 25th gold company-sponsored gold update

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Since last July, Fox Business Network's Happy Hour has aired 25 gold update segments sponsored by gold company Rosland Capital, according to a Nexis transcript search. In recent months, Fox News has been criticized for the synergy between its paid personalities and gold companies such as Rosland.

The Fox Business gold update consists of a Happy Hour host presenting "a look at what gold did today courtesy of Rosland." FBN then airs an announcement stating that the update was sponsored by Rosland; a commercial for the company then usually follows. The following is an example that aired last night on Happy Hour:

Rosland Capital is a company closely tied to Fox News personalities. On its website, Rosland Capital features testimonies from Fox News host Brian Kilmeade, Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano, and Fox News Radio host John Gibson:

The company also features testimony from radio host G. Gordon Liddy, whose headshot features part of Fox Business' logo in the background.

Glenn Beck has repeatedly used his Fox show to promote gold while several gold firms have advertised on his show. Last December, the Politico reported of Fox and gold companies Rosland Capital and Goldline:

On Thursday, the network indicated it would ask Rosland Capital, a gold retailer, to remove from its website the logo for Bill O'Reilly's Fox show, the O'Reilly Factor, which Rosland features along with an audio clip of O'Reilly urging listeners to buy gold because "The U.S. Dollar is under attack!"

Fox's concern was that O'Reilly's endorsement of Rosland was specific to the radio show he no longer does, and Rosland is not a sponsor of his television show.

Rosland spokesman Steve Getzug said the company had not heard from Fox but was already "in the process of pulling the reference down as part of an overall update of Rosland's website." He called the O'Reilly endorsement "dated" and said "it's been a while since the company has updated its website."

Last week, Fox, which also airs Beck's television show, requested that Beck clarify his relationship with another gold retailer, Goldline International, leading the company to tweak its trumpeting of Beck's endorsement. Goldline removed an identification of Beck as a "paid spokesman" from its website, but left the rest of the site - which prominently features his endorsement, photo and a radio interview he did with the company's president Mark Albarian - intact.

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