Ralph Peters: "Betraying Israel" gives Obama "emotional satisfaction"


From Ralph Peters' March 18 New York Post column:

The president's glee in humiliating the Brits stems from his ties to Kenya at an impressionable age, back when liberation rhetoric was in vogue. He behaves as if the Brits still rule in Nairobi, whipping servants and potting lions from the veranda. (This freeze-dried activist world-view also nudges Obama into emotional sympathy with the likes of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez and imbues him with a rosy picture of Russia.)

Regarding Israel, a lifetime of extremist associations has infected Obama with an emotional loathing for the Jewish state and a romantic vision of Palestinian terrorists as freedom fighters. (Anti-Israeli and naked anti-Jewish rhetoric is endemic within left-wing hate-church congregations, such as that led by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.)


Betraying Israel may give you emotional satisfaction, sir, but it will bring us no lasting benefits. Israel is, literally, flesh of our flesh. Don't stick a knife in it.

The Post posted a photo of Jeremiah Wright with Peters' column, with a caption stating: "Obama: Did he imbibe distaste for Israel from pal Rev. Wright?":

NYPost caption: Obama: Did he imbibe distaste for Israel from pal Rev. Wright?
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