Fox's Ailes reportedly defends Beck, instructs employees not to attack him


From a March 17 TV Newser post reporting on a meeting Fox News chairman Roger Ailes held that day with Fox News' Washington Bureau:

Ailes then turned to the issue of Monday's Washington Post story, in which Howard Kurtz wrote about "tension" over Glenn Beck. "There is a deep split within Fox between those who are supportive, and many journalists who are worried about the prospect that Beck is becoming the face of the network," wrote Kurtz.

Signaling that Kurtz's sources came from within the DC bureau, Ailes said, "For the first time in our 14 years we've had people apparently shooting in the tent, from within the tent."

"Glenn Beck, does his show and that's his opinion. It's not the opinion of FOX News and he has a right to say it," added Ailes. "We prefer people in the tent not dumping on other people in the tent."

And in a challenge to those employees, Ailes said, "I was brought up to defend the family. If I couldn't defend the family I'd leave. I'd go to another family."


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