CNBC's Liesman to CNBC's Santelli: "You Were Wrong About Everything"

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As's Colby Hall notes today:

CNBC is no longer just "first in business worldwide," as their tag line states, it is also the place to see on-air dust-ups between correspondent's and anchors. Back in December we noted an on-air kerfuffle between host Steve Liesman and reporter Rick Santelli in which Santellit told his host "You don't say anything I find interesting." This morning viewers of the financial news channel bore witness to another tiff between the squabbling CNBCers.


Transcript of their exchange (via TV Newser):

Liesman: Rick, you've lost enough people enough money by now.

Santelli: Why don't we put that to a referendum? Let's put it on our website right now. Who lost you more money, Steve Liesman or Rick Santelli. Put your money where your mouth is.

Liesman: Rick you argued interest rates would be higher, you argued for the crash of the dollar, Rick. Rick, you had everything wrong, Rick. There wasn't a single thing you had right.

Santelli: Jobs, jobs, jobs. I talked about the credit crisis.

Liesman: You were wrong... you said the credit crisis was nothing. I'll pull the tapes.

Santelli: Okay. You pull the tapes Steve Liesman.

Liesman: You were wrong about everything.

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