Sometimes health care reform is just health care reform

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I thought conservative rhetoric on health care reform hit rock bottom during last year's "death panels" nonsense, but if there's one thing I've learned in my years here, it's never to deem anything the conservative media does "rock bottom."

In the past 24 hours, various conservative media figures have taken a new angle in attacking health care reform.

This morning, Matt Drudge informed us that Barack Obama plans to have sex with health care, or something:

Rush Limbaugh's summation of Obama's health care message is now: "Shut up, debate over. Bend over." (Though, to be fair, Limbaugh's referenced "bend[ing] over" numerous times before, and hasn't only reserved this terminology for health care.)

And now we have the Director of Health Care Policy at the Cato Institute weighing in:

Apparently, this is what happens when you have no substantive arguments: "Health care reform will kill your grandma!" Not even slightly true. "It will raise premiums!" Not for the vast majority of people. "It will increase deficits!" Another miss. "You are going to jail if you don't have health insurance!" No, you aren't. "People without health insurance should be mocked and ridiculed!" That's just crazy.

"It's the British nationalized system!" No, it's not. "It's the Canadian socialized system?" Also no. "The government is going to track everything you do!" Nope. "Dems are using the nuclear option!" No, they aren't. "Reconciliation is unprecedented!" No, it isn't.

"Barack Obama wants to have sex with your health care!"


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