RedState blogger essentially calls RedState Editor Erick Erickson a "freaking idiot"

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This morning, in a post titled, "It's Not a Filibuster You Freaking Idiots," RedState writer Hogan slammed the media for referring to Sen. Jim Bunning's (R-KY) move to block legislation that would extend unemployment benefits as a "filibuster." Hogan wrote [emphasis added]:

As I noted in a previous post, and as is increasingly well known to those who actually are capable of comprehension, Senator Jim Bunning - for the simple reason he wishes it to be paid for - is objecting to a repeated unanimous consent request by Senate Democrats to call up and pass a bill that would temporarily extend unemployment benefits, transportation funding, medicare reimbursement, COBRA subsidies and other expenditures to the tune of another $10 billion or so.


Yet, news account after news account of his continued objection to this unanimous consent request report his actions as a filibuster. Politico, Roll Call, Fox News, CNN, and the list goes on and on. And the accusation of filibustering is even worse among Senators and Congressmen, as exemplified by the DCCC Chair, Chris Van Hollen and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. But it simply is not the case that what Mr. Bunning is doing is a filibuster under the rules, as anyone with a rudimentary understanding of the U.S. Senate fully comprehends.

Before attacking media outlets as "freaking idiots" not "capable of comprehension" and lacking "rudimentary understanding of the U.S. Senate," perhaps Hogan should have run a quick search to see if anyone at RedState had called Bunning's actions a "filibuster." Turns out Hogan's boss, Erick Erickson, has done so at least twice. Here's Erickson yesterday [emphasis added]:

The point of supporting Rand Paul was driven home to me last Thursday night as Senator Bunning launched a one man filibuster against the Democrats. He came under relentless attack and even his own Republican Party would barely come to his aid (kudos to Bob Corker (R-TN)).

And on Twitter last week:

God bless Senator Bunning. His filibuster is going to put government bureaucrats out of jobs! Hallelujah.

You might think this would have upset Erickson, but he's now promoting Hogan's post on Twitter:

Dear Members of the Media: You commit journalist malpractice when you say Jim Bunning is filibustering: #RS #TCOT

Yeah! You tell 'em, Erick.

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