Dobbs declares Inhofe "utterly vindicated" on global warming


From the February 24 edition of United Stations Radio Networks' The Lou Dobbs Show:

DOBBS: And I'm going to say this, because I -- one of the things I don't think happens often enough in our society, in part because it doesn't happen so often that we have public figures who stand up, who put their, you know -- set their feet squarely forward and say, "This is nonsense. We have to be fact-based, we have to be rational, and this nonsense has to end." James Inhofe has been such a man over the past six, seven years. He sometimes stood absolutely alone and was demonized, vilified, ridiculed by the national media. He stands now in 2010 as a man utterly vindicated, and for whom I think everybody needs to, you know, extend a round of applause. Senator Inhofe, thank you very much for being with us today.

INHOFE: Thank you so much.

DOBBS: You got it. You take care. Now, you know, it's funny. The national media doesn't like to give credit where credit is due, because of the politics they can't -- the bias. But, I mean, really, this man at many junctures was absolutely singular, he was absolutely alone in resisting a wave of popular faddism, which was climate change and global warming. So I sincerely mean that. He deserves a great deal of both applause and respect for what he has done.


Dobbs promises: "I'll be continuing to strive to deal honestly and straightforwardly with the critical issues of our day"

Dobbs joins other right-wing media in pushing "Climategate," claims scientists "dumped," "distorted" global warming data

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