Breitbart's BigJournalism apparently believes Reagan was an "international socialist"

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In a February 26 post on Andrew Breitbart's, titled, "Palin v. Obama: 'Real' American v. the 'Citizen of the World,'" Kyle-Anne Shiver bashes President Obama for proclaiming himself a "citizen of the world":

Barack Obama, in keeping with international socialists throughout the last century, has proclaimed himself loudly-and-clearly a "citizen of the world." He conducted his entire campaign as a lecture to greedy, over-consuming Americans on the necessity of propping up the lagging third world and the inherent goodness of his redistributive plans for government.


At present, with a "post-American" president at the helm, Sarah Palin carries the torch of liberty and American exceptionalism in the palm of her lovely hand. She is the surviving embodiment of the spirit of 1776 and the Reagan reformation.

Who else "has proclaimed himself loudly-and-clearly a 'citizen of the world'"? None other than Shiver's hero and apparent international socialist Ronald Reagan:

In a July 2008 speech in Berlin, Germany, Obama described himself as "a citizen -- a proud citizen of the United States, and a fellow citizen of the world." In a June 17, 1982, speech to the United Nations General Assembly, Reagan similarly said, "I speak today as both a citizen of the United States and of the world."


NBC's Williams notes that presidents "from Reagan to Kennedy have said the same thing" Gingrich criticized Obama for

Media don't ask if Gingrich considered Reagan comment "intellectual nonsense"

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