Huckabee warns that "conservatives are going to" attack Michelle Obama's obesity initiative -- but Glenn Beck already has

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During a discussion on tonight's Hannity about Michelle Obama's campaign to fight childhood obesity, Mike Huckabee explained that the initiative is not a "nanny-state solution" or a "leftist position" and warned that "conservatives" would engage in reactionary attacks against the program. Not to point out the elephant in the Fox newsroom, but it's not just your garden-variety "conservatives" that are "going to" attack the program; CPAC keynote speaker Glenn Beck has already used his Fox News program to unleash an all-out assault against the "wonderful government campaign," which came straight out of the "progressive playbook."

Huckabee previewed his interview with Michelle Obama -- scheduled to air on his Fox News show on February 20 -- and noted that the first lady's initiative involved educating parents and students on proper nutrition and exercise and ensuring that the school lunch program is sufficiently nutritious. Huckabee stated, "She does not believe that it is a government solution and that government should dictate what size cheeseburger you eat." He concluded:

On this issue, I think the first lady is right on it, and she's not taking a leftist position on it. And the conservatives are going to immediately say, "Oh, we're against this." They need to listen and be part of the solution.

Now, flash back to one week ago: Beck used his Fox platform to stake out an unequivocal position against the campaign to fight childhood obesity:

BECK: This is torn from the pages of the progressive playbook. You're too stupid. You need the government to fix your life, and they agree with you that government has no place in this business. But we're just going to help make things better.

Yes. They're coming and they are slowly but surely taking away your freedom under the guise of helping you.

Of course, it's never been entirely clear that Glenn Beck wants to be part of the solution.

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