Will there be green tea in CNN's green room?

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With Candy Crowley set to take over CNN's Sunday State of the Union broadcast, let's take a moment to review some of her most memorable moments.

Like the time Crowley insulted Iowans in a ham-handed attempt to portray John Kerry as a coastal elite for drinking green tea -- revealing her own elitist attitudes in the process.

And the time Crowley claimed Democrats "message" was "we don't support the troops and we're not tough on national security."

Or the time Crowley said it wasn't her job to tell viewers which politicians were lying more.

Or the time Crowley accused then-presidential candidate Barack Obama of rooting for economic difficulties.

That's the kind of track record that gets you a high-profile gig hosting a Sunday political talk show on CNN.

Candy Crowley
State Of The Union
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