Breitbart: "I predict there will be tape to vindicate these four pranksters"


In a January 27 post to his site, Andrew Breitbart writes:

For those in the mainstream media committed to report the false and libelous narrative of "Watergate Jr.," "wiretapping" and "bugging," I predict much egg on your J-school grad faces. In your rush to judgment to convict James O'Keefe and his companions, you vengeful political partisans of press forgot to ponder: "Was Mr. O'Keefe up to one of his patented and obvious clown nose-on hidden camera tricks, trying to make his subjects look foolish?" Blog commenters seem to be quicker on the uptake than six-figured Washington-based pundits these days. And I predict there will be tape to vindicate these four pranksters, too.

Andrew Breitbart, James O'Keefe
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