Washington Post, please define "detached"

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The Washington Post's Anne Kornblut and Michael Fletcher write:

During one of his Afghan review meetings last year, President Obama surprised senior advisers by jumping into a discussion between two military officials about a new study of post-traumatic stress disorder.

The flow of information to the president is usually carefully managed, and no one in the room had briefed Obama on the data. "It's not like we'd sent him the study, but he'd clearly seen it," one adviser said. "It was telling."

What it told of was a president who persists in seeking his own information, beyond what is offered to him. His lawyerly and orderly reliance on facts and data often has created an impression that Obama is cool and detached.

I'm sorry: What?

An anecdote about the President being so interested and involved in the decisions he makes that he seeks out additional information on his own, above and beyond what staff gives him, creates the impression that he is "detached"?


Next the Post will tell us that George W. Bush, by contrast, was an uncommonly engaged president. And the evidence will be that he fell asleep during briefings.

The Washington Post
Anne Kornblut, Michael Fletcher
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