Las Vegas Review-Journal publisher: Obama thinks "he must apologize to the world" through "U.S. relief to Haiti"


From an op-ed in the January 20 edition of the Las Vegas Review-Journal by publisher Sherman Frederick:

After a full year, the people have grown weary of a president who talks pretty, promises much and delivers nothing. The misery facts don't lie: Obama Nation has brought us a 10 percent unemployment rate (1.7 million more people unemployed today than a year ago); almost $2 trillion of new outstanding public debt, and 139 bank failures.

Add to that the arrogance of a leader who thinks he's so much more self-aware than the presidents before him that he must apologize to the world for American "selfishness" (U.S. relief to Haiti, hello?), while at the same time failing to enact policies to keep Americans safe from al-Qaida terrorists, and it is no wonder Democrats find themselves in a woozy state this morning.


LV Review-Journal publisher falsely claims no domestic terrorism cases since 9-11 under Bush

Sherman Frederick
Las Vegas Review-Journal
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