Daily Caller columnist defends Robertson's remarks about Haiti: "The Haitian pact with the devil is historical fact"


From Tommy De Seno's January 19 column on The Daily Caller:

Last week political correctness tried to kill history. No one from the media tried to stop the murder. Instead, most media outlets became willing accomplices to the crime.

When Pat Robertson said the Haitian slave rebels made a pact with the devil to throw off their French enslavers 200 years ago, media liberals drooled, believing they had caught a religious person saying something awful.

Of course there's one fact media liberals left out of their reports about Pat Robertson's statement: That it was, you know, true.

How can citing a historical fact possibly make someone like Robertson a bad guy? Is he supposed to ignore the history that happened? Cover it up? Pretend to change it?


Robertson didn't say God caused an earthquake. He said Haiti is "cursed," but not who is responsible for the curse.

Yet on NBC's Good Morning America, Claire Shipman and George Stephanopolous tag-teamed Robertson on a piece where they jumped right to the conclusion that Robertson alleged the earthquake was God taking revenge on Haiti for the 200 year old devil pact (that pact, by the way, expired in 1991).

The Haitian pact with the devil is historical fact. Whether there is a curse on Haiti because of the pact is a matter of religious interpretation. Why is the media pretending to be surprised that Robertson, a religious leader, speaking on a religious show, would offer a religious analysis?

Feel free to religiously disagree with Robertson's analysis, but let's not pretend his facts were historically inaccurate because they weren't.


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