Big Love: Breitbart and crew mark Obama's first year by sending love letters to George W. Bush

Big Love: Breitbart and crew mark Obama's first year by sending love letters to George W. Bush


Discredited Internet entrepreneur Andrew Breitbart rallied his Big Journalism, Big Government and even Big Hollywood troops today to mark the one-year anniversary of Obama's inauguration by publishing not one, but eight separate paeans to former President George W. Bush.

Remember how great things were a year ago this time? Well, Breitbart's crew does.

Eight glorious hymns of distortions, Bush revisionism and attacks on Obama.

The head honcho himself proclaims: "After the MSM's relentless assault, the President still stands proud." (Bear in mind, he's not talking about the current president, who is still standing proud after Breitbart's lame campaigns against him.) Breitbart writes:

[T]he simple fact was that media deliberately and malevolently sustained a false caricature of Bush in its pages and on its broadcasts in order to bog down the leader of the free world when he needed all the help he could get, and a time when the country was in great danger.

Again, he's not talking about now, or his own attacks on Obama.

The most absurd screed goes to J.S. Shapiro, who writes that "America betrayed President Bush." You see, America owes George W. Bush.

Here's the Twitter-ized version of the rest of the posts:

Bush was a fearless leader in perilous time who was hamstrung by attacks from Left and media. And Obama is now following the Bush doctrine.

Oh, and somehow "class died" the day Bush left office because he had been hated for eight years because he is "openly Pro-Life." (Gary Graham wins the award for the most incomprehensible ode.)

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