Sarah Palin's book tour from hell?

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

Sure, she sold a lot of books, thanks in part to the absurd amount of free media attention the Beltway press showered on her publishing debut last November. But in terms of burnishing her reputation, or elevating her stature nationally, Palin's media blitz, via her book launch, appears to have been a colossal failure.

From CBS [emphasis added]:

A new CBS News poll finds that a large majority of Americans say they do not want former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to run for president.

Specifically, 71 percent say they do not want the former Republican vice presidential nominee to run for president, while 21 percent say they do want her to run.

More? A majority of Republicans don't want Palin to run.

And this:

The poll also finds that more people view Palin negatively than positively and that her book tour did not improve overall views of her.

Now that we have (yet another) clear picture of Palin's low standing with the public, hopefully the political press corps will stop treating her online press releases (i.e. Facebook posting) as news. They're not. And most Americans don't seem to care about her.

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