Fox's Cameron gets chummy with Brown staffers but dodges TP's question about Fox's political advocacy


At a Brown rally Monday night, Think Progress caught Fox News' chief political correspondent Carl Cameron "relaxing after the speech with Brown campaign volunteers, hugging staffers, and autographing Brown for Senate campaign materials." Cameron's actions are indicative of Fox's political advocacy in the Massachusetts special election (and in previous elections). Indeed, Fox has hosted Brown several times, providing him a forum to raise funds; Dick Morris has explicitly asked viewers to donate to Brown; and Fox News has suggested that a Brown victory might even boost your 401(k).

So Think Progress took the opportunity to ask Cameron about Fox's political work on behalf of Brown:

TP: When Scott Brown goes on Fox News and he solicits volunteers and -

CAMERON: Dude, I'm on a deadline. I can't -

TP: Doesn't that raise ethical questions?

Dude...wait, what?

Fox News Channel
Carl Cameron
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