Another paper-thin discussion of media bias, courtesy of Kurtz & Brzezinski

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Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz types up Mika Brzezinski's claims of liberal media bias:

In an interview with WNBC's Julie Menin, Brzezinski, who's promoting her book "All Things At Once," says it's time to "stop pretending. . . . Every journalist should tell us what their political affiliation is," and which candidates they have voted for.

Denizens of the MSM try to be objective, she says, but have "got a liberal point of view. The balance is not there." Otherwise, viewers can be "duped."

That would have been a good place for Kurtz to note, by way of demonstrating Brzezinski's point of view, that she took heat last year for suggesting that liberals are not "real Americans."

Of course, Kurtz didn't do that. It wouldn't have fit in with his preferred way of portraying Brzezinski -- as a liberal counterpart to Joe Scarborough.

Here's how Kurtz did describe Brzezinski:

That argument comes not from some rabid right-winger but from Mika Brzezinski, the co-host of "Morning Joe" and the daughter of Jimmy Carter's national security adviser.

As for Brzezinski's implication that the content of news reports reliably matches the personal political leanings of the reporters behind them, I don't buy it. And Brzezinski herself is a pretty good argument against that assumption: I don't have much difficulty believing that she voted for Barack Obama, and yet she runs around suggesting that conservatives -- and only conservatives -- are "real Americans."

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