Is Politico on retainer for Game Change?

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Because that's the only one reason I can think of to explain why Politico continues to cover a book release about a two-year-old campaign as if it were a lunar landing; because Politico's under contract to gin up publicity.

Let's go to the tote board:

-"Palin aide warned of 'epic debacle'" (Jan. 7)

-"Sunday talk show tip sheet" (Jan. 9)

-"Palin attacks book; Reid regrets" (Jan. 9)

-"Reid confirms racial remark" (Jan. 9)

-"Reid fights for political life; Republicans call on him to step down" (Jan. 9)

-"Book: Obama, Biden clashed in '08" (Jan. 9)

-"Republicans charge Lott-Reid double standard" (Jan. 10)

-"Harry Reid holds his ground" (Jan. 10)

-"Steve Schmidt: Sarah Palin has trouble with truth" (Jan. 10)

-"'Game Change': The freak show" (Jan. 10)

-"Democrats launch counterattack to save Harry Reid's career" (Jan. 11)

-"Raising Tim Kaine over Harry Reid" (Jan. 11)

-"Harry Reid apologizes again" (Jan. 11)

-"Game over: The Clintons stand alone" (Jan. 11)

-"Inside the Reid eruption" (Jan. 12)

-"Coburn bucks party, backs Reid" (Jan. 12)

The scary part? Game Change has been in stores for only 48 hours. I'm guessing that by week's end, Politico will have churned out close to three dozen Game Change-related stories.

And a note to Politico's publisher: If your pub isn't on retainer, it ought to be.

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