"Why I Don't Write About Sarah Palin's Facebook Posts"

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

Boy, David Weigel at the Washington Independent really nails this one, as he details the on-going absurdity of the media's decision to take seriously Palin's Facebook postings (which she may or may not even write herself), and to cover them as news. To not only cover them as news, but to allow Palin to also stiff journalists with her on-going refusal to submit herself to a single question from an actual political reporter.

Instead, Palin (or somebody working for Palin), posts something on Facebook, all Wizard of Oz-like, and the Beltway press dutifully types it up as news. Because hey, that's how the political press always treats losing VP candidates, right?

You have to give Palin credit (I guess), since she's managed to create a whole new media space for herself which allows her to stay in the news without ever have to answer a single reporter's question. Of course, I'm guessing if she were a prominent Democrat and uniformly stiffed the Beltway press corps like that, she'd get hammered. (How dare she?!) But instead, reporters dutifully pass along Palin's online postings and news and pretend it's not unusual that a high-profile Republican refuses to speak with reporters.

Writes Weigel:

The media's indulgence of Palin's strategy — which often results in pure stenography of press releases that may or may not have been written by her — is ridiculous, bordering on pathetic.

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