Right-wingers divided over God's motivations behind DC snowstorm


The right-wing noise machine is sure that a snowstorm in December is proof of something, they're just split on what exactly.

Newt Gingrich became the latest to play the ridiculous "it's snowing so global warming must be a hoax" card. Gingrich took to Twitter - where he's been schooled before - on Saturday morning to share a few thoughts about the storm:

newtgingrich As callista and i watched what dc weather says will be 12 to 22 inches of snow i wondered if God was sending a message about copenhagen

newtgingrich After the expanding revelations of dishonesty in climategate having a massive snow storm as obama promises our money to the world is ironic

newtgingrich There is something jimmy carter like about weather service upgrading frrom winter storm to blizzard as global warming conference wants US $

Of course as Media Matters has pointed out ad infinitum, individual storms have nothing to do with human-caused climate change.

But maybe the DC "Snowpocalypse" is a sign of something else. TPM's Brian Beutler wrote Friday night about the complications the storm may have on the health care vote and concluded with this line:

With all these added complications, don't be surprised to hear a new Republican talking point: Even Mother Nature hates health care reform.

RedState editor Erick Erickson responded:

I hate to correct him, but actually the talking point is that God hates the Democrats' health care deform. With funding death panels and abortions, of course the Almighty would send a snow storm or, in Brian's words, a snowpocalypse to shut down Washington.

Oh, and kudos to Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council for organizing the "pray-in." Looks to be working.

So does that mean DC residents should blame God or the Family Research Council for shutting down the city?

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