LAT on "Beck's flawed gold standard": Beck would be "lucky if" he's not judged as he does "his own adversaries"


From the December 9 Los Angeles Times article, titled, "Glenn Beck's flawed gold standard":

Radio and TV host Glenn Beck likes to talk about the potential collapse of the American economy. He also likes to talk about buying gold as a hedge against the unknown.

The proximity of those ideas, the plethora of gold ads around his Fox program and Beck's work as a paid pitchman for one gold firm have some in the media wondering whether the conservative commentator has a conflict of interest.

Since conflicts are in the eye of the beholder, Beck should consider himself lucky if the public doesn't judge him by the where-there's-smoke-there's-fire standard he uses to condemn his own adversaries.


Glenn Beck promotes gold to audience while profiting from gold investment firms

Fox News Channel
Glenn Beck
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