Birther activist Farah thanks Palin for mainstreaming questions about "Obama's eligibility"


From a December 7 column, headlined, "Eligibility issue goes 'mainstream,'" by WorldNetDaily CEO and founder Joseph Farah:

Sarah Palin, last year's vice presidential candidate and the best-selling author in the world right now, affirms that questions about Barack Obama's eligibility for office are legitimate.

This is no longer the "fringe" issue as most of the media would like to portray it.


One of the things people love about Sarah Palin is her shoot-from-the-hip frankness. They admire her courage. They like the fact that she doesn't just offer TelePrompTer answers in interviews. She demonstrated that candor once again in her interview with Rusty Humphreys.

And since she must be regarded as one of the leading candidates for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012, that puts this eligibility issue right where it belongs - at the forefront of the national debate.


WND uses Palin's claim that Obama's birth certificate is "fair question" to sell birther swag swag

Sarah Palin: Going Birther

Joseph Farah, Sarah Palin
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