Newsbusters' Moore takes on Brent Bozell over net neutrality

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Today on Lou Dobbs' radio show, Newsbusters' Candance Moore echoed Glenn Beck's up-is-down conspiracy theory that the Obama administration's support for net neutrality amounts to a plot to "control the internet."

As we've pointed out before, this is patently absurd.

[N]et neutrality -- which was the law of the land from the creation of the Internet until 2005, and which ensured that Internet Service Providers were not able to control content -- has been cited by numerous Internet pioneers as the guiding principle in Internet development and innovation.

To recap: Beck and Moore's logic pretzel transforms legislation that prevents ISPs from exerting any control over content into a plot to control content. Aside from being a laughable attempt to smear any and all Obama administration initiatives, Moore just indicated that her boss supports a nefarious plot to "control the internet."

Newsbusters is the blog of Media Research Center, which was started by Brent Bozell. One of the most prominent advocates of net neutrality is Save the Internet, a group of oranizations "working together to urge Congress to preserve Net Neutrality." Charter members include Free Press, the Christian Coalition, and the Parents Television Council. The founder of the Parents Television Council? Brent Bozell.

Sometimes they make it too easy for us. I wonder if they'll discuss this at the next staff meeting.

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