News Corp. agrees: Fox News is "conservative"


Media Matters has repeatedly shown that Fox News falls decisively short of being "fair and balanced," but instead is a 24/7 partisan organization -- or as Fox senior VP Bill Shine put it, the "voice of opposition" to the Obama White House.

That's why it was so gratifying to see that, although Fox personalities may still be in denial, others in the News Corp. family have seen the light.

No, really. Check out the News Corp.-owned New York Post's recent reporting on Lou Dobbs' departure from CNN:

November 16:

Klein long believed Dobbs was at odds with CNN's desire to position itself as an opinion-free, middle-of-the-road alternative to its cable news rivals -- conservative Fox News and liberal MSNBC.

November 13:

CNN is pushing hard to position itself as a middle-of-the-road news source, between left-leaning MSNBC and conservative Fox News Channel.

Nice to know they've been paying attention.

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