If Obama's bow has become a thing, why hasn't Palin flag fiasco?

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If the press is going to robotically follow the lead of the right-wing media and spend time actually dissecting Obama's bow over the weekend before Japan's Emperor Akihito, and if the press is going to legitimize the notion that perhaps all kinds of (evil) motives can be interpreted by the common act of protocol, and that maybe Americans can learn all sorts of things about how Obama views America's role in the world from the passing action, than why hasn't the press turned its attention to this week's Newsweek's cover which features Sarah Palin in an apparent breach of protocol?

This is just Boy Scout/Girl Scout 101: you simply do not use the United States flag as a casual prop draped over a chair and lean up against for a photo shoot. Ever. And for a politician to do it, and an overtly stars-and-stripes one like Palin, is really rather shocking.

Yet here where are in the media's unofficial Palin Week when all-things Palin are deemed to be hugely significant, and Palin's apparent etiquette gaffe goes mostly unmentioned. Why? Because the press only cares about what right-wing noisemakers are crowing about. (i.e. The bow.)

UPDATED: Palin (writing in the third person) is reportedly upset that Newsweek used the photo, which was from an older Runner's World issue, because it featured her in a running suit. The fact that it featured her apparently disrespecting the flag is of no concern. The media continue to remain mum.

UPDATED: Conservative pundits now want to talk about the Newsweek cover...to show how biased and sexist Newsweek is. They want the issue of the Newsweek cover to become a thing. But so far, crickets from the right-wing press regarding the fact that Palin trampled etiquette and inappropriately used the United States flag as a photo prop.

UPDATED: Question for CBN's David Brody: Did somebody force Palin pose for this photo? Just asking.

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