Dobbs damned by Farah's praise

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Lou Dobbs' website now features a series of fawning testimonials praising Dobbs' work. One of them is entitled, "Lou Dobbs, real newsman." The author? WorldNetDaily founder and CEO and fake newsman Joseph Farah, who declares CNN "in a state of programming irrelevancy" now that they've rid themselves of the "one reason to tune into" their network. Farah also claims that "Dobbs thinks like a real American newsman - a throwback to an age when journalists actually believed they were watchdogs of government and asked tough questions in the interests of the people."

What has Dobbs done to earn such high praise from Farah? Why, he's supported the same birther conspiracy theories Farah's publication has been pushing. Or, in Farah's words:

When virtually his entire profession and elites in all the other political and cultural institutions of our time were making excuses for Barack Obama's unwillingness to prove his constitutional eligibility to serve in the White House by simply showing the American people his long-form birth certificate, Lou Dobbs was alone in asking why.

Farah even goes so far as to offer Dobbs a job:

Let me be the first to say I would be proud to work with Lou Dobbs. He's got his pick of assignments here at WND. I would be honored to work for him - and it's been a long time since I worked for anyone.

So at least Lou has that to fall back on, if whatever he has planned falls through.

Joseph Farah, Lou Dobbs
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