Fox's Ingraham: Pelosi not quite a prostitute? I wish we could say we were surprised

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Fox News contributor and talk radio host Laura Ingraham took to Fox & Friends today to declare that "Nancy Pelosi basically did everything except sell her own body" to pass the House health care bill. None of the hosts objected - at least one of them chuckled. So there you have it: to the conservative media, it is appropriate to declare the first female Speaker of the House almost - but not quite! - a prostitute.

Meanwhile, over on Fox Business, Frank Luntz was calling Pelosi ""living proof you get one shot at a facelift," adding, "If it doesn't work the first time, let it go"

It's hard to get outraged, mainly because this sort of gender-based attack on Pelosi from conservatives has been par for the course for years. Back in May, we put together a research item and video compiling various attacks on her looks -- conservative media figures, especially radio hosts, seem to love to stick "Pelosi" and "Botox" in the same sentence. Over a six-day period, they characterized Pelosi as being incapable of "human facial expression," referred to her "fashionable" "Botox shots," and called her a "hag."

Perhaps this is why the Politico is reporting that the Republican Party has a "women problem."

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