WaPo reporter: House health care bill might be socialism

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Here's a question Washington Post reporter Perry Bacon was asked during today's online Q&A:

Richmond, Va.: Watching ABC this morning and having them highlight things in the bill, I see that this is far from socialism. It seems to be an attempt at fairness in the insurance market. Can we have an honest debate now or will the tea party corporate warriors still rule the airways?

And here's Bacon's response:

Perry Bacon Jr.: I guess it depends on the meaning of socialism. The Tea Party people are alive and well and will continue to be a major force in our politics. Not sure if the Senate Republicans will show up at a rally with them like the House guys, but they will be involved.

So Bacon's questioner notes that right-wing cries of socialism are over-heated, and Bacon rushes to defend them. Maybe this is what Washington Post executive editor Marcus Brauchli meant when he said the Post should be more responsive to conservatives.

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