GOP arm Fox Nation dubs House health bill "PelosiCare"

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I opened up Fox Nation this morning to see the following headline:

Fox Nation: Dems to Unveil 'PelosiCare'

Despite the quotes around the word, there is no one quoted in the AP article Fox Nation links to calling the House Democrats' health care reform bill "PelosiCare."

Opponents of the Clintons' reform proposal cooked up the terms "HillaryCare" and "ClintonCare" in the 1990s; more recently, they've dubbed reform efforts "ObamaCare." You may recall that earlier this month, The Wall Street Journal reported that "Republicans are stepping up attacks on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, deciding that a major part of their 2010 electoral strategy will be linking Democratic candidates to her."

Maybe this is all just a coincidence, but it seems far more likely that it's just another example of how Fox News is the communications arm of the Republican Party.

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