Fox News' Live Desk, using Luntz-approved term "govt option," claims Dems doing the rebranding

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As we've noted, "government option" is a term right-wing pollster Frank Luntz suggested conservatives use because it doesn't poll as well as "public option." Following the Luntz playbook, yesterday's Live Desk -- one of Fox News' prestigious 'straight news' programs -- aired a caption referring to the "govt option." Today, Live Desk again used "govt option" -- to ask why Democrats are "rebrand[ing]" the public option to sway public opinion:


With the term "Govt Option" blaring across the screen, co-host Trace Gallagher asked guest Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL): "Is the hope here that if you, if you change the labeling, change the brand, that people will like it more? That it's more appetizing to them?"


You tell us, Trace.

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