Phew! Time's Joe Klein also thinks WH battle with Fox News is bad idea

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

I was getting nervous because the topic has been bubbling up for almost two weeks, virtually every Beltway media elite had weighed in and they all thought it was just a terrible idea to fact-check Fox News' blatant falsehoods, and yet still not a peep from Time's Joe Klein.

Well, that silence has been broken, and it's now official. Time's Joe Klein officially agrees with virtually every other political pundit on the planet: fact-checking Fox News is a really, really bad idea.

Good to know.

UPDATED: Double phew! The CW-loving Sally Quinn has also weighed in on the White House's "war" against Fox News. Guess what? Hates it! In fact, "everybody" in D.C. thinks it's "dumb"; "absolutely crazy." And Quinn likens it to Watergate.

Am I the only one who feels like we're watching a mini-Clinton impeachment reunion among the media elites, where everyone proudly proclaims the exact same opinion that the Democratic White House is nuts?

UPDATED: Quinn: "I've talked to my colleagues and other politicians."

So now Quinn's a polician?

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