NPR's Ken Rudin is the latest to push Obama/Nixon nonsense

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As Washington Monthly's Steven Benen noted, Rudin seems to have no idea what Richard Nixon actually did when he declared war on his press enemies several decades ago. Rudin seems to have no idea that Nixon used the full power of the federal government, including the IRS and immigration services, to screw over journalists who Nixon felt had wronged him. Rudin seems to have no idea the country's recent history, because Rudin claims that Obama's doing the exact same thing because some of his aides have publicly criticized the work of Fox News.

Rudin seems to think having an opinion about Fox News is just like ordering federal agents to dig up dirt on private citizens.

Notes Benen, "As manufactured outrages go, this is truly ridiculous, even for a shallow Washington media establishment."

UPDATED: Maybe Rudin should be a guest on Fox News, where he and the hosts can botch history together and warn about the Obama "enemies list."

UPDATED: Credit to Rudin for stepping forward to acknowledge the error of his Obama/Nixon comparison:

I made a boneheaded mistake yesterday, during the Political Junkie segment on NPR's Talk of the Nation, one that I'd like to correct right away.

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