WaPo's Brauchli takes reader questions today -- but will he answer them?

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Is Washington Post executive editor Marcus Brauchli laying the groundwork to duck questions about whether he was honest about his role in the Post's access-for-cash scandal?

Brauchli is set to do an online Q&A at Noon today. Here's how the Post promoted that Q&A over the weekend:

And here's how the Post has now changed that advertisement:

Note that the formerly broad wording (Brauchli was going to take "questions about the newspaper and washingtonpost.com") has now been narrowed (Brauchli will take "questions about The Post redesign.")

Is that an effort to discourage questions about Brauchli's honesty and other sticky subjects? We already know Brauchli ducked questions from Politico's Michael Calderone over the weekend, in favor of talking to a reporter who is on his payroll -- and who omitted key information calling Brauchli's honesty into question.

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