The Dittohead challenge: Please explain Limbaugh's "grab the ankles" quote

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Over the weekend, Limbaugh continued to express his complete bafflement at the idea that anyone associated with the NFL would think he turbo talker had a problem with race. Limbaugh, with the entire GOP Noise Machine nodding franticly in agreement, has declared his only take on race is that America should strive to be truly colorblind. In fact, National Review's Andy McCarthy* claimed Limbaugh treats people just Martin Luther King did--based on the content of their character! ("Kumbaya, my Lord...")

Limbaugh's not a race-baiter and there's nothing in his archives that would suggest he was. In fact, liberals had to invent nasty quotes from him, the Dittoheads whined, because they can't find any real ones because Limbaugh's record is so clean on this issue. Or so went the claim. (Not quite.)

So here's the challenge, and it's open to anyone within the right-wing; Andrew Breitbart, Michelle Malkin, McCarthy, Glenn Beck, Limbaugh himself. Anyone can take a shot. But could somebody from the right-wing please--please--take a few minutes and explain what Limbaugh was talking about when he made this comment earlier this year:

"We are being told that we have to hope [Obama] succeeds, that we have to bend over, grab the ankles ... because his father was black."

I realize that the GOP Noise Machine has avoided this quote for months and absolutely refuses to acknowledge its existence. Appearing on conservative radio talk shows this year, I've mentioned it a couple times and hosts simply will not discuss it. But in the context of Limbaugh's blanket denial about how he doesn't have a race problem, I think it would be helpful if a Dittohead addressed this quote and help remove any fears readers might have that Limbaugh's comment was patently offensive.

So that's that challenge. Could somebody please explain what mental image Limbaugh was trying to paint with this comment, and specifically why people were supposed to be bend over and grab their ankles for Obama? Please explain what Obama's father being black had to do with the bending and the ankle grabbing. And please explain why nobody connected with the NFL should take offense at Limbaugh's suggestion that they also bend over and grab their ankles on account of Obama's black father.

Dittoheads insist the talker's record is clean on the issue of race; that it's crazy to suggest Limbaugh traffics in ugly race-baiting. If so, then please explain the ankle-grabbing quote.

We'll wait...

*I originally attributed the post to National Review writer Mark Steyn.

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