Editor-in-chief of Breitbart's BigGovernment.com says Limbaugh was "mau-mau[ed]"


From a post by BigGovernment.com editor-in-chief Mike Flynn titled, "The Mau-Mauing of Rush":

Rush took to the pages of the Wall Street Journal to address the mau-mauing that scuttled his NFL dreams. Personally, I'm a little mystified why Rush would want to own part of a football team. Oversized, preening and pampered athletes set in strictly defined roles and running elaborately orchestrated "plays" designed by a full bureaucracy of coaches seems, frankly, I dunno...unAmerican. Quite unlike the other football, where there are no plays, few coaches and wide latitude for individual initiative and improvisation. (How did we get stuck with the collectivist top-down heavy sport?) But, to each his own.

Of course the NFL is a private institution which can invite -- or deny -- whomever they'd like to join their owners' club. But the manner in which Rush was sidelined is, at best, distasteful and definitely more than a little troubling.

Andrew Breitbart, Michael Flynn
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